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- Online Course - Facts and Question


How does taking an online course work?
Registration is ongoing, and at any time.  Students are able to start a course at any point in the school year.  After you have registered, you will work at the course at your own convenience.  The course is developed to follow the Ontario curriculum standards.  In the course, you will find lessons, assignments, practice questions, quizzes, and tests.  Everything you need is found online in our Learning Management System, Moodle.  The final exam is proctored.  


Who can take a course? 
Anyone can take a course with our school.  As long as you have the prerequisite to the course you are wanting to take, you are able to enrol. 
You can live anywhere in the world and still take a course with us online.


How long does a course take to complete?
Students are able to work at their own pace.  Which means you can work as fast or slow as you want.  Students have a maximum of 8 months to finish a course.  The minimum time a course takes is 1 month.  Each course is intended to be 110 hours, and you will find how that time is broken down in each course syllabus.  The 110 hours is reflected in the lessons and assignments.  Please note that it might take you longer to complete an assignment.  Moodle will track your login time within the course.  


Do I need to purchase textbooks?
Everything you need to complete a course is right online.  If you are taking a math course- you will want a calculator.  But you are not required to purchase any other books. 
Can I count these courses towards my diploma or university application?
Cambridge International Academy is inspected by the Ontario Ministry to issue credits.  Any course you take will count towards your diploma and university application.


How can I register?
You can contact the online co-ordinator, Thompson, Thompson will help you to complete the registration process.  It is very simple.  After that is complete, you will receive a welcome package that contains your username and password.  


Who is the teacher?
You will be assigned a teacher, who you will have access to throughout the course, through chat functions within Moodle, as well as email.  If you need extra support through the course, we offer support at the school, and we will also help you through online classroom.  
The teacher is to help you with anything you are not understanding.  As well, they are to mark and comment on your assignments.  

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