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- Student Life - Homework Club


CCIA welcomes everyone to Homework Club!

Homework is usually assigned as a way to extend a student's learning and give them opportunities to master a skill or deepen their conceptual understanding of what was taught in class. Homework completed at home may be challenging since many students are distracted by their personal mobile devices, friends, television, or simply feel frustrated by the extra pressure of their parents. Our Homework Club takes the stress away from both students and parents, CCIA provides students with a safe, cooperative and uninterrupted learning environment so that they can confidently complete their school work and have the remainder of the day to enjoy with family, friends, and/or extracurricular activities. We instill good work habits and teach organizational skills so that students can achieve school success. Our teachers reinforce concepts, provide general academic review, and offer individual help. Join us at Homework Club Monday to Friday commencing at 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Please contact Sandra Arff at 905 426-4254 to register. Seats are limited.

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