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Our goal is to foster a learning environment that encourages students to engage in critical thinking across all aspects of their learning. To achieve this, our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted with an emphasis on core subjects, led by our teaching staff in structured, teacher-led classrooms. We enrich our Language Arts program with an Independent Reading Program to elevate students' reading and comprehension skills. In Mathematics, we blend Singapore Math with the Ontario Math Curriculum to deepen students' understanding of mathematical concepts. Beyond these core areas, our approach to education is developing well-rounded individuals who experience personal and school success.


Explore our Academic, Applied, and Open courses, each designed to accommodate the various needs of different students. All count towards the 30 credits required for graduation. Contact us for details and to discover the right path for you.


Join Cambridge International Academy's AP Program to prepare for college-level coursework, focused on academic success. Administered by the College Board, our program helps students demonstrate readiness, earn college credits, and stand out in admissions.


Cambridge & C.O.D.E. Athletic Program offers a balanced approach to academics and sports, guided by our motto, "Chasing Our Dreams Everyday (C.O.D.E.)." Our expert team inspires student athletes to excel and pursue athletic scholarships. Join us to achieve success on and off the field.


The impressive array of clubs at our school regularly participate in competitions, giving the students remarkable recognition and experience. They have competed in public speaking competitions and various writing competitions like Kid Write 4 Kids, Leacock Student Essay competition and more. Just this year, Cambridge’s four students were shortlisted in the Polar Expressions Writing Contest– allowing them to have their stories published and showcased throughout Canada.


Join our Robotics Explorer Club for an exciting journey into robotics! Dive into robot building with the Lego EV3 Curriculum and gain valuable problem-solving skills that are sure to benefit your post-graduation studies. Collaborate in challenges like the First Lego League to build robots, friendships, and teamwork skills. Unleash your creativity and innovation!


Our school’s music and arts programs nurture creativity and deepen the students’ appreciation for the arts. The music program unifies theory-based learning and hands-on, practical learning. Not only are the students given elaborate lessons that will enhance their knowledge, but also are able to practice playing instruments and vocal training. For art, the students explore diverse mediums and styles, letting them explore their style freely and promise self-expression.


Cambridge International Academy’s Summer Camp mitigates summer learning loss while exploring students' interests. Offered for ages 4-13, our program has a balance of academics, hands-on learning, and fun weekly-themed activities. Outdoor, nature-filled adventures are part of our weekly schedule.


Cambridge offers virtual courses so that your child is able to complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) remotely. The classes are flexible to the students’ schedule, letting them reach their academic goals despite not attending in-person.

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