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At the core of your child's educational journey lies the curriculum delivered in the classroom, encompassing not just the content but also the methodology of teaching. As you explore the various curriculum models outlined in the following pages, it's important to note that schools often integrate elements from multiple approaches rather than strictly adhering to one. While schools may lean towards a particular curriculum type, they typically adopt a diverse range of best practices to enhance their overall educational framework.


Progressive curricula, also known as inquiry-based learning, prioritize students' interests and ideas, ensuring that lessons are tailored to their questions and daily encounters. Teachers play a pivotal role by equipping students with the necessary tools and resources to investigate topics, fostering an environment that encourages exploration, reflection, and meaningful learning experiences.



At Cambridge International Academy, we enrich the Ontario Curriculum by offering a diverse range of academic and interest-driven programs. Our mission is to empower students to develop their unique skills and become masters of their learning journey, with the guidance and expertise of our professional academic teams. By tailoring education to individual aspirations and passions, we ignite a lifelong love for learning and inspire a genera- tion of well-rounded, inquisitive, and accomplished individuals.

High school Class
C.O.D.E. Sports

To personalize and customize the educational pathway for students, enabling their full learning potential and guiding them toward exceptional academic achievement. Our vision encompasses incorporating the C.O.D.E. (Chasing  Our Dreams Everyday) Sports Academy athletic program, ensuring a holistic approach to education that values athlete development alongside intellectual growth.


Elementary: Numerous students complete grade 8 with Reach Ahead Credits in hand.

Secondary School: High School graduates are guaranteed a 100% university placement rate.

Mathematics Success: Our students achieved top ranking in the Durham Region by securing the 2021 -22 Zone Champion Award in the Mathematics and Computing Contest held at the University of Waterloo.

CCIA Overview

GRADES: Gr. 1 — Gr. 12


CLASS SIZE: 10 — 20 students



ENROLMENT: 127 day students

CURRICULUM: Progressive


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